Today Is Album Release Day… Happy Myriads Day! xOx

Dear World, Happy MYRIADS Day! Today Is The Magnificent Day My Debut Album Is Released! It’s Out Now & You Can Get Your Beautiful Ears Wrapped Around It HERE… Love & Thanks! Officer xOx

Here is the latest review of the album from a brilliantly insightful music blog I have really fallen in love with called The Indiependent Album Review: Myriads // Officer

‘The album feels like a wave; the ripples are gentle at first, gathering pace and speed before the wave swells and breaks on the shore. It is truly immersive listening – both terribly tragic and infinitely beautiful, all at once’. – The Indiependent

Myriads Artwork

Happy Myriads Day! Love & Thanks, Officer xOx

Myriads is Officer’s Debut LP

I have just completed the recording of my debut record. It’s a beautiful twelve-limbed beast entitled Myriads and was produced by the incredible Daniel Peterson and co-produced by myself.The first single from the album, The Waters, will be out in January with a few singles and the album to follow soon after so keep your ears peeled for all that.

The experience of making the record has been one where more than anything I have been really inspired by and repeatedly made aware as to how many incredible buddies I have who happen to be immensely talented and who therefore have played various key roles in me realising the album and sound I have always been single-mindedly pursuing. It’s a rare thing for me to come away from studio time feeling fulfilled with the results, but with Myriads that’s exactly where my head and heart have now found their rest. My deepest thanks to all of you… my family, friends, fans, musicians, backers who have stuck with me and made it possible for me to persevere and eventually get to this sublime wide open musical landscape heard on Myriads.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been collaborating with genius London-based painter and friend, Ben Jamie on the album artwork and this is the belter of a masterpiece the man has come up with, so perfect for this album, feast your eyes! Myriads Cover (Final)

I shall be back soon with more news.
Much love, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Officer xOx