Officer is Featured Artist on Hoxton Radio’s Harry & Andy Show

Happy to announce that Officer was the featured artist on this week’s best new music programme, The Harry & Andy Show on Hoxton Radio! You can hear the show HERE

As featured artist, Officer was interviewed and played live on the show. It was a great laugh and chat about the making and release of Officer’s debut album, Myriads, the music industry today, playing live, writing ideas, the lot really! The Hoxton Radio guys have really fallen in love with the album and had this to say about it “Myriads is an incredibly exciting debut from my new favourite artist! This isn’t just a collection of great songs, this is a beautifully constructed story from OFFICER!” – Harry Moore, Hoxton Radio

Here’s OFFICER cracking out an acoustic version of ‘My Darling Defibrillator‘ from said debut album ‘Myriads‘ which you can download HERE


Officer Live as Featured Artist on Hoxton Radio’s Harry & Andy Show

Exclusive Video Single Premiere: OFFICER, DATV by Far Out Magazine


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Indie up-and-comer Officer seduces his way back into our earholes with the latest single from stunning debut album Myriads. A romantic track as harrowing to listen to as it must have been to write, Far Out Magazine is delighted to bring you the world exclusive release of Officer’s dark and intense third-single, ‘DATV’.

One of Myriads most intricate tracks, ‘DATV’ is an intimate and complex ensemble. One part song, one part short-story, Officer has created a disturbingly accurate depiction of loss, loneliness and the need to find the strength to persevere past breaking point. As with many of Myriads tracks, one must assume this has been born from personal experience.

This is an expertly written tragedy that demands your attention in its conveyance of the human experience that follows heartbreak. The gentle instrumentals take us on a voyage through a shadowy and mysterious domicile, the atmospheric undertone guided by the synth backdrops that dance in their intensity around Logan’s sensitive wordplay, powerful only where the lyrics require it to be.

‘The darkest of valleys will always get us there.’ Logan makes no effort to wrap his message up with subliminal wordplay, the song captures the labyrinthine depth of struggle as  we continue to descend into blackness, ‘I lose you river and it cost me my hope.’

That we’re wrestling with despair is all but confirmed as the  track crescendos with a reverent outcry of oracular significance: ‘Oh God, I knew nothing at all, I knew nothing Oh God!’ The hopelessness habitually reserved for the darkest and loneliest of times is put on a pedestal for the world to see.

Logan features heavily in the video as he wanders side-by-side with his demons through the panorama of Snowdonia, the landscape coinciding beautifully with the conveyance of the lyrics.

Logan himself is sublime, his presence in the video syncing seamlessly with the music, his body language personifying the emotion of the track as his wistfulness deteriorates until he’s brought to his knees, screaming for elucidation from the Devine.

A track like this needs to be extremely unique and personal to the writer in order to be successful, and Logan hasn’t failed here. ‘DATV’ is outstanding in both its sound and message.

Like many of the tracks on Myriads, ‘DATV’ is beautiful in its originality. A fresh sound that suggests that we will all suffer. We will be hurt, broken and devastated.

We will be lost, empty and alone. And it’s OK to shout this from the rooftops. Because we will keep on keeping on.

It’s devastating. It’s deep. It’s ‘DATV’.

Yet Another Killer Review of OFFICER’s Debut Album, Myriads xOx

OFFICER’s been on the receiving an awful lot of critical acclaim for his debut album Myriads, on this occasion it comes from the very tasty and taste-making publication, Far Out Magazine who have described the album as ‘Gritty and incredibly powerful, Masterfully chilling and intelligent songwriting, Incredibly real, Haunting, Eruptive, Breathtaking, Refreshing, Charming, Unique, Delightful, Incomparable, Unpredictable, Intimate, Penetrating, Lyrically gifted, Beautifully sung artwork, Fucking brilliant, Adept instrumentalism with superb vocals’….. Pretty amazing stuff….

Myriads Artwork


The OFFICER lad is chuffed with this one, saying “I feel the people who are actually giving the album time and more than one listen are finding the treasure there within. It’s a slow-burner that sweeps and invites you in with layers and kisses as opposed to trying to punch you square on the jaw with blunt power and neanderthal hooks’. Have a read here Review of Myriads by OFFICER in Far Out Magazine. And you can download the album here Myriads by OFFICER with the ‘Powerful and intriguing’ single music videos from the album all to be found on OFFICER’s YouTube channel Here


OFFICER Live Solo Acoustic Set on Daytrotter

Finally, I’m a cartoon! …Waking up more than a little worse for wear the morning after celebrating my album release the other night, I moseyed across London and had the absolute recovering pleasure of playing an intimate little solo acoustic set for Daytrotter, of whom I’m a huge fan. I played a few of the tunes from my debut album, Myriads, which you can download Here with a setlist that included Laughing Rafters, My Darling Defibrillator, No Widows, Glass Ceiling and DATV. Big thanks and love to Daytrotter for all them painkillers, hugs, and lovely cups of tea, and a serene little hang out! Here tizzz… OFFICER Live on Daytrotter OFFICER xOx


Debut Album, Myriads Getting Rave Reviews

I’m very happy to be able to tell you that Myriads has been getting wide critical acclaim across the blogosphere. Here’s a couple of our faves, including a lovely 8 Out Of 10 from Louder Than War. You can download the album here: Myriads by Officer

Louder Than War // Officer, Myriads – Album Review


Out Now

8 / 10

Glaswegian born Indie singer/ songwriter, Officer, releases his debut album. Louder Than war’s Paul Scott-Bates reviews.

When Officer (aka DC Logan) has reached some well-deserved mainstream recognition, the story of how his friends and fanbase completed a crowdfunding scheme to record his first album without his knowing will be widespread. Such, it would appear, is the love that they have for him.

To be frank, it’s easy to see why. The Glaswegian born, Belfast raised, London based songwriter is a talented chap indeed. His experiences growing up in Northern Ireland post Good Friday Agreement and his involvement in London community projects have given him a wealth of material to be influenced by.

His songs are multi-layered, often complicated in their simplicity and gripping in their infectious quality. On first listen without knowing the artist, it may be easy not to bother again, but something just holds you and makes you press ‘play’ once more. From therein you’re hooked.

Album opener Laughing Rafters and previous single Glass Ceiling are slow and medium paced affairs and a brave start to any album. It introduces the listener to the velvet textures and tones of DC’s voice and to the accompanying musical awe. Indeed, his voice often acts as a further instrument – it is soft, perfectly pitched and often inspiring.

Throughout the 12 tracks of Myriads it’s difficult to write a bad word. It’s not perfect admittedly, but it’s hard to find any constructive criticism worthy of note. Logan’s switch from placid to faster beat is effortless as Act Of Survival clearly shows.

Another single, The Waters, sees an electronica led, viciously paced indie cavalcade reminiscent of 90s stock but fascinating for it. The fast drumbeat is key to the success of the song and its breathless quality is completely enthralling.

The latest release from the album, My Darling Defibrillator, aside from having one of the best song titles of the year, is a wonderful effort. With a chorus that has distinct similarities to Brian Molko if one listens carefully, the track itself swarms in warm feeling and background wisps and whirls of synthesized intrigue.

Closing with the more gentile Burst and AFM, the latter of which displays the true beauty of DC Logan’s instrumentation, Myriads is a debut to be proud of. With an appetite duly whetted, we should probably be very grateful that he has such loyal friends and followers.

Officer’s website is here: and can be followed on Twitter as @iam_officer and liked on Facebook.

The Indiependent // Officer, Myriads – Album Review

I’m thinking of Sir John Everett Millais’ painting of Ophelia, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as I listen to Myriads by Glaswegian singer-songwriter, Officer. I’m not sure whether it’s the album artwork, references to nature, or the serene and poetic music which has triggered the association, but unable to get the image out of my brain as I listen, I think about something a friend said to me recently about art: “There’s no point debating what art is, but rather what it means to us”.Ophelia 1851-2 Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896 Presented by Sir Henry Tate 1894, like most forms of self-expression, is considered by many as an art form. And, just as an individual may look at a painting and feel vastly different emotions to the person stood next to them, an individual may listen to a song and feel something completely different to what the artist originally intended the track to mean. For me, Myriads is an interesting album because although a large proportion of the lyrics are melancholic and despondent, such as “Glass ceiling / I can’t break you” in ‘Glass Ceiling’, the melodies feel full of vitality and hope.As Officer cries “it’s not fair and I’m too scared” in the emotional ballad, ‘One Day’, his voice climbs the scales to a delicate falsetto, and it’s hard not to feel shivers up your spine. Very rarely is music as raw and emotive as this produced by male artists. The emotional frailty achieved in this record is credit to David Logan’s enigmatic vocal, soaring like a bird which refuses to have its wings clipped.

By the time Officer pleads “Can we talk?” three tracks in, you’ve already gleaned that the man behind this record is a romantic individual – romantic, but nonetheless realistic. The desire to start over is a theme which emerges from tracks such as ‘Can We Talk?’ and ‘Act of Survival’, but simultaneously Logan recognises that some things must come to an end. These songs are not saccharine idyllic tales crafted from the fairytales we were told as children; they are the product of real life experiences – the ‘heartbreak warfare’ of everyday life, as it’s been termed by John Mayer. It seems these tracks are exercises in dusting yourself off and getting on with life, no matter how battered your heart may be.

Tempo is used expertly throughout the record to craft this sense of resolution; an ability to get back up off the floor when life throws you punches. Midway through the album, lead single ‘The Waters’ explodes into life, a frenetic drumbeat combining with a fast paced lyrical evocative of Twin Atlantic, owing to David Logan’s Scottish twang. The track feels somewhat out of place given the sea of emotional ballads which have come before, and indeed, follow after it, but its placement couldn’t have been better in terms of demonstrating Officer’s versatility. ‘The Waters’ is followed by ‘Ambulance’, complete with a Spanish guitar sounding intro and chorus, which makes the album feel like a wave; the ripples are gentle at first, gathering pace and speed before the wave swells and breaks on the shore. The album – rather than placing all the filler tracks in the middle like some artists are guilty of doing – carries the listener from the opening note until the final chord.

It’s only as I experience the final ripples of ‘Burst’ and the electronic-come-choral components of  ‘AFM’ which wash over my eardrums, that I realise what made me think of the painting in the first place. Like the tale and painting ofOphelia, this album is both terribly tragic and infinitely beautiful, all at once.

Myriads is set for release on the 31st July, but I strongly encourage you to pre-order it on iTunes – now!

Today Is Album Release Day… Happy Myriads Day! xOx

Dear World, Happy MYRIADS Day! Today Is The Magnificent Day My Debut Album Is Released! It’s Out Now & You Can Get Your Beautiful Ears Wrapped Around It HERE… Love & Thanks! Officer xOx

Here is the latest review of the album from a brilliantly insightful music blog I have really fallen in love with called The Indiependent Album Review: Myriads // Officer

‘The album feels like a wave; the ripples are gentle at first, gathering pace and speed before the wave swells and breaks on the shore. It is truly immersive listening – both terribly tragic and infinitely beautiful, all at once’. – The Indiependent

Myriads Artwork

Happy Myriads Day! Love & Thanks, Officer xOx

Myriads Pre-Order… Right Here, Right Now!

Reviewed as ‘Powerful, Immersive, Thought-Provoking, Intelligent, Adventurous, Imaginative’……… My Debut Album MYRIADS is Comin’ atchya… Right Here, Right Now xOx

After some time of high level life investment and DIY dedication, it’s a sublime and beautiful feeling to be able to announce today that you can now pre-order my fan-funded debut album MYRIADS on iTunes here ‘Officer, Myriads’ I want to thank you all for your incredible support, without which none of this would have been possible! You are my Myriads! Love ya! Officer xOx

OFFICER, MYRIADS – iTunes Pre-Order Link:

Premiere: Officer – Laughing Rafters

We Close Tonight Review Officer’s Debut Album, Myriads – Out 31st July and Premiere The Latest Track, Laughing Rafters.

Premiere: Officer – Laughing Rafters

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 14.24.42Start your weekend off right by tuning in to the opening song from Officer‘s upcoming album Myriads. There’s so much emotion in these sounds that you’ll barely be able to keep it together, even if you’re listening to this on a crowded tube train with strangers looking rather bemused at the nervous wreck that sits among them.

With every essence of pop that’s worthy of being brought into the world, combined with a distinctly more independent and alternative sound, this batch of aural goodness will see your mind put through the wringer as it pulls feelings out from the very depths of your soul and brings them centre stage for all to see. It’s so easy to find yourself totally engulfed by these sounds as they catapult your mind back down memory lane to times where you’ve felt at your most vulnerable. The delicate voice that strains with each word feels a genuine as one of the million pound finds you get oh so rarely on Antiques Roadshow.

But what are you reading me rattle on for? Go on, dig in.