Check My Artwork by A Super Talented Homeless Man!

Please read and support the homeless!

Hey, check out this epic piece of art for my song MY DARLING DEFIBRILLATOR from my upcoming debut album MYRIADS, which comes out on 31st July! Here’s the story behind the art…

A year ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a very intelligent, talented and kind homeless man called Dave. Over the course of some months we struck up a great friendship and it became clear that he was a ridiculously talented illustrator and painter.

When I finished my album earlier this year I asked Dave if he would be kind enough to allow me to commission him to do 3 pieces of artwork for 3 different songs from the album, one of which relates lyrically to some of what I knew he’d been experiencing of homelessness from our chats. Dave was well up for it and got to work straight away. This is the first of three pieces he has done for me.OFFICER, MDD Artwork

After a year of Dave being homeless I had the amazing privilege in January, along with a couple of friends including Danny, my drummer, of helping Dave get off the streets and into a private supported accommodation project where he has been flourishing for the last few months. Dave is a good guy and this transformation was able to happen due to a combination of factors – Dave’s character and perseverance, me being lucky enough to be able to give him a couple of opportunities and vitally because two local charities really helped us out to see practical change come about in Dave’s life.

So last week Dave rocked up to my workplace and handed me the 3 completed artworks to me.

I would like to help Dave raise some cash for the two local charities that helped him, Danny and I find him that path of opportunity off the streets to restart his life again and so I’d love if you would donate via the link below as we attempt to raise cash for those places of help. It would be great if we could raise as much as £100 for Ace of Clubs Homeless Charity, and £100 for Webber Street Homeless Day Centre.

Here’s the link – please reference donations with the reference ‘Dave The Artist’ and that will ensure the money gets split equally between the two charities: Donate Here

Thanks all!
Officer xOx

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