We Close Tonight Review Officer’s Debut Album, Myriads – Out 31st July and Premiere The Latest Track, Laughing Rafters.

Premiere: Officer – Laughing Rafters

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 14.24.42Start your weekend off right by tuning in to the opening song from Officer‘s upcoming album Myriads. There’s so much emotion in these sounds that you’ll barely be able to keep it together, even if you’re listening to this on a crowded tube train with strangers looking rather bemused at the nervous wreck that sits among them.

With every essence of pop that’s worthy of being brought into the world, combined with a distinctly more independent and alternative sound, this batch of aural goodness will see your mind put through the wringer as it pulls feelings out from the very depths of your soul and brings them centre stage for all to see. It’s so easy to find yourself totally engulfed by these sounds as they catapult your mind back down memory lane to times where you’ve felt at your most vulnerable. The delicate voice that strains with each word feels a genuine as one of the million pound finds you get oh so rarely on Antiques Roadshow.

But what are you reading me rattle on for? Go on, dig in.


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