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Indie up-and-comer Officer seduces his way back into our earholes with the latest single from stunning debut album Myriads. A romantic track as harrowing to listen to as it must have been to write, Far Out Magazine is delighted to bring you the world exclusive release of Officer’s dark and intense third-single, ‘DATV’.

One of Myriads most intricate tracks, ‘DATV’ is an intimate and complex ensemble. One part song, one part short-story, Officer has created a disturbingly accurate depiction of loss, loneliness and the need to find the strength to persevere past breaking point. As with many of Myriads tracks, one must assume this has been born from personal experience.

This is an expertly written tragedy that demands your attention in its conveyance of the human experience that follows heartbreak. The gentle instrumentals take us on a voyage through a shadowy and mysterious domicile, the atmospheric undertone guided by the synth backdrops that dance in their intensity around Logan’s sensitive wordplay, powerful only where the lyrics require it to be.

‘The darkest of valleys will always get us there.’ Logan makes no effort to wrap his message up with subliminal wordplay, the song captures the labyrinthine depth of struggle as  we continue to descend into blackness, ‘I lose you river and it cost me my hope.’

That we’re wrestling with despair is all but confirmed as the  track crescendos with a reverent outcry of oracular significance: ‘Oh God, I knew nothing at all, I knew nothing Oh God!’ The hopelessness habitually reserved for the darkest and loneliest of times is put on a pedestal for the world to see.

Logan features heavily in the video as he wanders side-by-side with his demons through the panorama of Snowdonia, the landscape coinciding beautifully with the conveyance of the lyrics.

Logan himself is sublime, his presence in the video syncing seamlessly with the music, his body language personifying the emotion of the track as his wistfulness deteriorates until he’s brought to his knees, screaming for elucidation from the Devine.

A track like this needs to be extremely unique and personal to the writer in order to be successful, and Logan hasn’t failed here. ‘DATV’ is outstanding in both its sound and message.

Like many of the tracks on Myriads, ‘DATV’ is beautiful in its originality. A fresh sound that suggests that we will all suffer. We will be hurt, broken and devastated.

We will be lost, empty and alone. And it’s OK to shout this from the rooftops. Because we will keep on keeping on.

It’s devastating. It’s deep. It’s ‘DATV’.

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