OFFICER’s been on the receiving an awful lot of critical acclaim for his debut album Myriads, on this occasion it comes from the very tasty and taste-making publication, Far Out Magazine who have described the album as ‘Gritty and incredibly powerful, Masterfully chilling and intelligent songwriting, Incredibly real, Haunting, Eruptive, Breathtaking, Refreshing, Charming, Unique, Delightful, Incomparable, Unpredictable, Intimate, Penetrating, Lyrically gifted, Beautifully sung artwork, Fucking brilliant, Adept instrumentalism with superb vocals’….. Pretty amazing stuff….

Myriads Artwork


The OFFICER lad is chuffed with this one, saying “I feel the people who are actually giving the album time and more than one listen are finding the treasure there within. It’s a slow-burner that sweeps and invites you in with layers and kisses as opposed to trying to punch you square on the jaw with blunt power and neanderthal hooks’. Have a read here Review of Myriads by OFFICER in Far Out Magazine. And you can download the album here Myriads by OFFICER¬†with the ‘Powerful and intriguing’ single music videos from the album all to be found on OFFICER’s YouTube channel Here


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